Can the ADVANCED® Laser Helmet Regrow My Hair?

Advanced Hair Clinic®, world leaders in hair restoration and the company that pioneered the Advanced Laser Therapy® program, now introduces another major step forward in hair regrowth and hair loss prevention – The Advanced Laser Hair Regrowth Device (AHS-LRD) the most powerful laser technology and treatment program that can be completed in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

How does it work?

The Advanced Laser Helmet is a biomedically designed laser specifically developed to treat hair loss. The helmet’s proprietary lasers are scientifically developed, high efficiency lasers that deliver maximum light and power. The penetrating depth of these lasers has been optimised at a clinically approved wavelength for proven clinical effectiveness. 80 lasers deliver therapeutic power for maximum scalp coverage and generate only 1 ° Celsius of heat per session.

What to Expect?

Hair loss doesn’t occur overnight and neither does hair growth. With only twice-a-week, 20-minute sessions at home, you can start paving the way to a full head of healthy hair. Clinical trials have shown that over time, hair loss can be reversed with the Advanced Laser Helmet. When adhering to the recommended regimen and instructions, you should experience a decrease of shedding, an increase of hair growth, and a doubling of hair diameter, overall giving them thicker, more vibrant hair.

What’s the Difference between the LH80 and LH40 Model?

The LH40 utilises the same laser diodes and helmet design. The difference in the LH40 EVO versus the LH80 PRO is the number of laser diodes. The LH40 EVO contains 40 laser diodes and the LH80 PRO contains 80 laser diodes.

An adjustment in the number of treatments per week (4 times per week for the LH40 EVO versus 2 times per week for the LH80 PRO) compensates for the different number of laser diodes.

LH80 – $1495

LH40 – $995

Need More Information?

Advanced Hair Studio can connect you to our team of leading experts in the field to tailor long term treatments that will work for you. Let us help you today!


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